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Sherwood Gardens Nursery, Homely Lifestyle
082 487 3118

Terms and Conditions

Westway Tickets acts as an agent only and does not attract any liability to you, but simply offers the service of facilitating ticket sales on behalf of the promoter of the event in respect of which you are purchasing ticket(s).

Tickets cannot be cancelled, refunded, exchanged or returned. They are also not replaceable due to damage, loss, theft or any other reason.

If the abovementioned permission gets granted, a 10% handling fee will apply.

Westway Tickets accepts no liability whatsoever arising from the postponement or cancellation of the event and in that regard, any recourse you may have in law is only against the promoter, although we provide no representation or undertaking that the promoter will refund you.

Right of admission to the event is reserved by the promoter, and has the right to alter the programme or the seating thereof. Most venues have restricted items including but not limited to alcohol, weapons, cameras and glass bottles.

Information gathered by us from you and/or related to ticket sales by you may be used by us for further processing and onward transmission to third parties.

By submitting your photo to Westway you hereby agree and consent to: using the submitted photograph(s) for advertising, marketing, promotion and other commercial and business purposes in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Please note that we charge a small additional fee for credit card payments.


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