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Oxdog’s new padel collection clearly demonstrates why we ventured into padel. The collection and its products consist of new innovations and a fresh perspective that sets us apart from other brands.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in technical products and materials, game-enhancing features, and attention to detail are what make Oxdog products exceptional. Every aspect is precisely designed to enhance and support your game. The products in our collection are suitable for players at any skill level.

“When playing with Oxdog rackets, I can truly feel how the innovations and new technology assist me in various aspects of my game. I adore the balance of the rackets, the lack of vibrations, and the perfect finishing in every single detail.”— Ramiro Choya, padel legend

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We offer a wide range of OXDOG rackets and balls, for a complete price list please contact us below.

Contact Mark on 082 294 5086 or complete the form below.


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